Our guys are the super heroes of the junk world with an emphasis on customer service. They do everything they can to make sure your junk does not end up in landfills because it is their passion. Being a small team they’ve become family along with co-workers and want to help the world one truck load at a time.

Tyler GarrisonHey, my name’s Tyler Garrison – and I’m the head honcho of Asheville’s Greenest, Cheapest Junk Removal service.

Well, a lot of times people ask me how I keep my prices so low, and how my service protects our Earth. The answer to both questions is pretty simple.

But before I answer that – let me tell you what USUALLY happens with junk removal services.


1. They come pick up your junk (after charging you an arm and leg…)

2. They take it to a landfill, where it pollutes the Earth, and makes the soil nearly impossible for plant life to flourish. In fact, it could take thousands of years for that land to become habitable by plants and animals! Even if all of the junk were to be removed.


Now, here’s what we do differently, how it saves you money, and protects the Earth:

1- We come pick up your junk for 20% – 50% less than any other service out there (I say this with confidence because I looked up the prices of all of the other services out there – and PURPOSELY put my prices lower. You’re welcome to look for a better deal, but I sincerely doubt you’ll find it).

2- We do everything in our power to re-sell it to a family who can make good use of it (this is how we keep our prices so low).

3- If that doesn’t work, we break it apart with our own hands and bring all of the recyclable parts to a local recycling center.

4- If, and ONLY if, none of the above work… We take it to the landfill. So, in a nutshell, that’s what this service is all about.

Oh, and by the way, we use solar powered web hosting, too! So this website is helping the Earth as well…